Calibration Repair

We are an authorized Motomco, Seedburo, and Perten Repair Center for Moisture Meters and an Authorized Repair Center for the Perten Grain Analyzers.

Moisture Tester Service

Agassiz Seed & Supply has been repairing and calibrating moisture Testers for over 25 years.  We specialize in the repair and calibration of Motomco moisture Testers, Seedburo moisture Testers, and Perten moisture Testers. We also work with Dickey-John moisture Testers, MTC moisture Testers and AgraTronix moisture Testers. If you have a commercial grade moisture Tester, we can repair and calibrate it to the official standards and offer you a “loaner” machine while we work on yours.

Grain Scale Repair

Agassiz Seed and Supply is the only authorized repair and calibration service for Seedburo Computer Grain Scales in the upper Midwest. We have over 20 years of experience servicing and repairing these scales. We are licensed by both North Dakota and South Dakota Weights and Measures to put counter-top scales into commercial service.  As with the moisture testers, we can offer you a “loaner” machine while we work on yours.