Grain Analyzers

You can rely on Agassiz Seed & Supply for all of your NIR Grain Analyzer needs. From sales of the new NTEP Approved IM 9500 to our portable IM8800 Grain Analyzers. Look to Agassiz Seed for best in class Grain Analyzing equipment backed by quality service that exceeds expectations.   

IM 9500 NIR Whole Grain Analyzer

The Inframatic 9500 was designed with modern electronics and the highest precision optical components, guaranteeing the best possible data quality. Combined with the use of advanced chemometric techniques, the result is unparalleled accuracy. Stable scanning grading optics and reliable calibrations guarantee that you will always get the correct results.

IM 8800 Farm NIR Grain Analyzer

Designed for farm conditions, this rugged instrument tests grain for moisture, protein and oil. It’s rugged, portable, simple to operate and sophisticated enough to provide accuracy similar to elevator/ lab instruments, and it does so in a cost-effective manner.