Grain Grading Equipment

Seedburo Boerner Divider

Our Seedburo Boerner Divider is the standard divider for all federal, state, and local grain inspection offices. It is built to meet USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) specifications for official inspections and is referenced in the equipment handbook. 

The 34 divider is gravity operated. Sample is placed in the hopper and released by moving a slide gate located in the hopper throat. The product is evenly dispersed over a cone that has 38 pockets. The grain, after initial separation, is rejoined into two chutes which empty out of the bottom hopper.

The Boerner is calibrated to provide accurate splits of + /– 1% on a 1000g sample.

The Seedburo Boerner divider is made from brass and copper, which makes it rust resistant. The legs and supports are brass plated steel. The divider is supplied complete with two brass pans with handles for easy transport of divided samples. The 34 stands 31" high with 3" clearance under the spouts.

Seedburo Dockage Sieves   

Seedburo Dockage Sieves are manufactured to comply with the specification of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They are regularly used by federal grain supervision offices, state grain inspection departments and licensed grain inspectors. Most sieves are available in commercial or precision grades. All federal grain inspectors use precision sieves, but for most applications the commercial sieves will suffice. Sieves should be replaced when the perforations show wear, to maintain accurate results. Slotted sieves used in sizing barley and oats need to be replaced regularly since these grains are highly abrasive.   A worn sieve lets too much material pass through, giving inaccurate results. Damaged or dented sieves should always be replaced. 


Set of 2 sieves(A and Y) & E

No. 1 Set
Wheat, Rye, and Oats Set of 5 sieves (A, B, C, D, W) & E No. 2D Set
Set of 5 sieves (A, B, C, F, W) & E No. 2F Set
Soybean Set of two sieves (H and I) & E No. 3 Set
Barley Set of 2 sieves (B and L) & E No. 5L Set
Set of 2 sieves (B and M) & E No. 5M Set
Flax Set of 2 sieves (T and U) & E No. 6 Set
Canola Set of 5 sieves (R, S, T, V, Y) & E No. 7 Set
Sorghum S et of 2 sieves (K and B) & E No. 9 Set
Sunflower seed (confectionary) Set of 3 sieves (A, B, J) & E No. 11 Set

Carter Day Dockage Testers and Parts

Designed by Carter-Day to meet specifications of the USDA, the Carter-Day Dockage Tester provides accurate and uniform tests of grain samples for dockage. It is the official testing machine used in Federal Grain Inspection Service offices of the USDA, the department's licensed inspectors, state grain inspection offices, Canadian Grain Commission and throughout the commercial grain grading system.

Official procedures have been established for testing wheat, corn, barley, rye, flaxseed, rice and grain sorghums. Instructions on the proper riddles and sieves to use, along with their procedures for testing these grains, are furnished with the tester.

The Carter-Day Dockage Tester is furnished complete with a ½ HP electric motor.

Actual dims. 41" L x 27" W x 55" H. Ship wt. with riddles and sieves from 450 lbs. to 475 lbs.

We are an Authorized Supplier of Carter Day Dockage Testers and Replacement Parts.

The Seedburo Filling Hopper and Stand

The Seedburo Filling Hopper and Stand is designed for the accurate filling of volumetric cups for bulk density measurement. The 151 meets the specifications of the USDA-GIPSA for official inspection. The filling hopper is heavy gauge brass spinning with a slide gate valve for instant release of grain. The opening is a standard 1-1/4” diameter. Adjustment of the hopper can be made to the proper 2 inch height above any cup. The heavy cast base has wide spread legs that allow for the overflow pan and provide stability. Unit includes No. 64P plastic triangular sample pan.

Pint and quart cups and striking stick sold separately.

Seedburo Grain Probes 

The first essential step in grain grading is to obtain a correct and representative sample. Cars, trucks, wagons or barge loads should be sampled with a double tube probe in five or more places. Also used for plastics, Seedburo probes are made to conform to USDA specifications. 

They are constructed from extra heavy gauge tubing for durable, time-tested sampling. All probes on this page have an outside diameter of 1-3/8", are of double-tube construction and have a heavy bronze point (unless otherwise stated). Openings are 3-3/8" L x 7/8" W. 

Partitioned Grain Probe With Wooden Handle

Partitioned grain probes are used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by all grain inspectors. There is a separate compartment for each individual opening. Samples from these probes can be emptied on a grain sampling canvas. 

Open-Handled Grain Probe

Open-ended probes without partitions are more convenient to empty and are widely used by the grain elevator operators for obtaining samples from truck loads. After sample is obtained, probe is held upright and sample is dumped from the handle.

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Bin Probes and Bag Triers

Brass Grain Bin Probes and Cups can be used for all applications where samples need to be pulled from grain bins, trucks, and rail cars. Bag Triers can be used to penetrate grain bags for sampling various commodities. See link for details and part numbers.

Grain Inspection Tools/Grain Grading Mats and Posters/Grain Inspection Black Lights

Microscopes and Magnifying Lampsl

Grain/Soil Thermometers/Digital Pocket Thermometers/Liquid Pocket Thermometers

Grain/Soil Thermometer

This is an easy-to-use temperature probe for checking soil and grain bin temperatures.

For soil temperature readings, place thermometer in ground for 15 minutes at the same

depth the seed will be planted. If temperature remains steady at the recommended

minimum for 3 days, it’s time to plant. For grain bins, screw thermometer into any 3/8”

rod with standard thread and push into grain to desired depth. Wait 10-12 minutes for

each reading. This product is 9-5/8” long.

Digital Pocket Thermometer

  • 1/3” LCD face instantly displays temperatures from -58 to 302 ÅãF
  • On/off switch prolongs battery life
  • Pocket case and 1.5-Volt watch battery included
  • 4-5/8” stainless-steel stem
  • Professional quality and accuracy

Liquid Pocket Thermometer

Temperature Range: 0-120℉

Seedburo Thermometers

Seedburo Thermometers come in a wide range of options from standard pocket glass style to bin-probe style that attach to your T-handle and extensions.


Check out the full Seedburo catalog for additional items and options

Stainless Steel Sample Pans

  • 2 quart SS Sample Pan
  • 3 quart SS Sample Pan

Triangle Sample Pans

Plastic or metal

Canola Paddles and Roller

Canola Counting Paddle (100 count)

Part #CP100

Canola Counting Paddle (500 count)

Part #CP500

Roller For Canola Counting Paddle

Part #CPR