Used Testing Equipment

Moisture Meters

Used ABVA 929A

The Model 929A was designed to perform quick and accurate moisture measurements. For this reason, the operation of the Motomco Model 929A Automatic Moisture Meter is straightforward, with many operation procedures automatically performed without any interaction from the operator.


  • Equipped with a built-in, fast and accurate temperature probe. No external scale or thermometer required.
  • Fully automatic and determines the correct sample size and temperature prior to displaying the measured moisture content.
  • Single button operation allows for multiple measurements of the same grain type.
  • Connects to a printer, personal computer or interface printer to obtain a permanent record of measurements performed.
  • The power supply is available in 110 or 220 Volts. Internal calibration is available for over 250 different types of grains.

Used Motomco 919E & 919S 


  • Simple to operate, quick results
  • Fast and accurate temperature sensor
  • Messages to indicate chart limits
  • Flexible connection
  • Includes: Moisture meter, cox funnel, pint cup, strike-off stick and plastic sample pan and Ohaus® weigh scale



Used Motomco 919 & 919

Fast Operation

The 919® has less than one minute per test; no warm-up period.

Test Cell

It accommodates a full 250-gram sample for maximum accuracy of results; test cell is pivoted for rapid removal of sample.

Center Post Eliminates Test Weight Correction

The 919® is the only electronic moisture meter equipped with a patented center post to compensate for bushel weight variation, packing, and leveling of sample.

Dump Cell

It contains a butterfly mechanism (activated by release knob) to provide the same uniform distribution of all samples tested in the test cell.

Precision Drum Dial

It utilizes a large easy-grip control.

Calibration Charts

The calibration charts are prepared by U.S.D.A’s Grain Division Laboratories, and they are used at all official inspection points. Charts furnished for grains, beans, and rice are based on calibrations prepared by the Grain Division, Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and they are as used in official inspection of these commodities.