Inlet Protection

Dandy Products

 Quality is what Dandy Products are all about. These incredibly strong, open top inlet protection devices are specifically designed to hang underneath a storm grate to filter the thickest sediment-laid storm water. The suspended solids settle out of the slowed flow and are captured prior to entering the storm sewer. The Dandy Sack. and Dandy Curb Sack. have an open top design and come in sizes to match most grate dimensions and if properly maintained can be reused.

Dandy SackĀ®

Dandy Sack®


Dandy Curb Sack®

Dandy Sack 24"x24", 24"x36", 28" Round, 36" Round
Dandy Curb Sack 24"x24", 18"x36", 24"x36"
Dandy Pop; 30"x30"
Dandy Dewatering Bag 6'x6', 15'x15'


ERTEC Environmental Systems

 ERTEC brand inlet protection devices are a patented, low cost, four-layer system designed to be easily installed. The system installs above ground which eliminates the need to remove heavy grates, and provides easier inspection and maintenance. The system is easy to install and clean, resists vehicle and street sweeper traffic, and in most applications can be cleaned and reused.


GR8 Guard


Combo Guard, Curb and Grate Inlets

GR8 Guard 28” x 28” Fits grates up to 28” x 28”
Combo Guard 36” x 18.5” Fits grates up to 36” x 18.5” with curb inlets to 36”
Combo Guard 26” x 26” x 48” Fits grates up to 26” x 26” with curb inlets to 40”




  1. Place Combo Guard on grate and against curb opening.
  2. Punch two holes each at four corners of grate opening.
  3. Bend zip ties into thirds and push and bend through hole. Feed zip ties around grate bar and up through second hole. Start zip tie, but leave loose. Repeat for three other corners.
  4. Once all corners are started, tighten back zip ties then move to the front.

We also carry 11x6 and 11x750 Rock Logs.