Wattles & Logs


Excellent at filtration and sediment control due to dependable ground contact properties. Unlike most other erosion BMP’s, compost socks can be left on-site to reduce maintenance time and permanently enhance plant growth; they are increasing in use throughout our trade area.

Rock Logs (Snake Bags)

A reusable tube made with monofilament polypropylene fabric (geotextile) that is designed to maintain its shape. When filled 50 to 75 percent full with either three-fourth inches crushed gravel or one-fourth inches pea gravel it is a very good alternative to straw wattles.

Straw Wattles

Straw wattles filter storm water runoff and create sedimentation ponds. The stable low profile resists blowing out and falling down. Straw wattles are made from weed free straw and photo-degradable plastic netting. They outperform bales because there are fewer gaps to fail, install quicker, require less maintenance and will degrade over time, and may not require removal. Straw wattles are available in 6, 9, 12 and 20 inch diameters and lengths up to 30 feet.


Straw Wattles

6” • 9” • 12” • 20”
Custom lengths available

Straw Wattle Installation Tips

Please refer to design specs if available.

Perimeter Control - Curbside Control

  1. Subcut a trench 1/4 the diameter of the wattle to prevent undermining.
  2. Place stakes 3 feet apart.
  3. Wrap ends upslope to prevent water from escaping at the ends.

Velocity Checks

  1. Determine slope and space wattles per engineers specification.
  2. Subcut a trench 1/4 the diameter of the wattle to prevent undermining.
  3. Wrap ends upslope to prevent water escaping at the ends.
  4. Install stakes 3 feet apart either through or on the down slope side of the wattle. Angle the stake up the slope at a V to contain the wattle.

A number of coir logs and excelsior logs are also available.