Seed Treatments


ProTECT custom seed treatment blends are put together with the customer in mind and NOT "a one size fits all" mentality.  Disease and insect pressure can change significantly from county to county, getting the appropriate amount of active ingredient to ProTECT your seed investment is crucial.  This is where custom blended seed treatments "fit the bill"

Agassiz Seed & Supply now offers a complete line of soybean custom blends.

PRO-TECT™ - Fungicide Only / PRO-TECT™ Plus - Fungicide & Insecticide / PRO-TECT™ Ultra - Fungicide & Insecticide w/ T-Methyl

The soybean custom blends have the complete active ingredients for disease and insect protection, and contain polymers to improve coverage and flowability.

Custom blends available in 15, 30 and 110 gallon drums.

  Pro-TECT™ PRO-TECT™ Plus PRO-TECT™ Ultra CruiserMaxx®
Wireworms, Seedcorn Maggots,
Bean Leaf Beetle and Thrips
N/A Good Good Good Good
Pythium spp. Good Good Good Good Fair
Phytophthora spp. Good Good Good Good Fair
Rhizoctonia solani Good Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fusarium spp. Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Seed-borne Phomopsis Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair
Seed-borne Sclerotinia Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent N/A

Always read and follow label directions. Ratings are based on observations and/or research. Syngenta and Monsanto ratings based on Syngenta and Monsanto tech sheets. CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® is a registered products of the Syngenta Ag Group, Acceleron® is a registered product of Monsanto Company.

PROTECT Cereals Fungicide Blend

  • 3 fungicides 
  • 2.0 fl oz. cwt use rate
  • Polymer
  • Red Colorant
  • Providing excellent protection against, Common Bunt, Smuts, Pythium as well as good protection on many of the root rots like Rhizoctonia, Fusarium & Common root rot.

ProTECT IM Cereals Fungicide Blend

  • 3 fungicides 
  • 2.6 fl oz. cwt use rate
  • Insecticide
  • Polymer
  • Red Colorant 
  • Providing excellent disease suppression like ProTECT  Cereal Fungicide while keeping the soil parasites in check with 0.50 fl oz cwt rate of insecticide.

 BIOST VPH 100  

  • Bio-Stimulant 
  • Vegetal protein hydrolysate
  • Peptides
  • Amino Acids
  • Essential minerals

Bio ST Nematicide 100

A new advanced Bio_Nematicide Seed Treatment that features multiple modes of action and is active on Soybean Cyst, Rootknot and Reniform nematodes.

  • Bio-Nematicide Seed Treatment, derived from bacterium, Burkholderia rinojensis
  • Active on Soybean Cyst, Rootknot and Reniform nematodes
  • Non-living organism
  • 3-year shelf-life
  • Multiple modes of action with enzyme and toxins that kill Nematodes
  • Classified as a Bio-Pesticide
  • Out yields Clariva 62% of the time with average increase of 1.28 bu/acre


  • Combines a nematicide with the insecticide and three fungicides of CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance™
  • Offers season long activity against Soybean Cyst Nematode as well as a broad range of early-season insects and diseases
  • Complements Soybean Cyst Nematode-resistant varieties and crop rotation by adding another mode of action

  • CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance™ offers best-in-class insect protection and delivers systemic root protection against certain seedborn, soilborne and foliar diseases

  • Rhizobia friendly formulation provides outstanding disease protection in a concentrated formulation
  • Inhibits fungal growth, prevents spore production and penetrates the soybean seed coat to protect the developing seedling

valent (1).png

  • Provides a complete zone of protection against a wide spectrum of Phytophthora and Pythium species both above and below the ground, plus broad spectrum insect control
  • Now packaged as a convenient premix
  • Offers consistent coverage and smooth flowability at a low 3.37 oz. per cwt. use rate

  • Unsurpassed cereal seed protection against diseases including Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, as well as insects such as wireworms and aphids
  • Thanks to Valent’s Lock Tight Technology, there is outstanding product retention, planter flowability, less buildup and improved seed coverage

  • Highly concentrated formulation contains more colony forming units (CFU) per ml than the competition for consistent performance
  • Flexibility to be used when needed

  • improves plant vigor by expanding the root’s ability to efficiently absorb water and nutrients under variable environmental conditions throughout the entire crop cycle.
  • technology allows a grower to maximize plant health and overall productivity to optimize yield.

Agassiz Seed and Supply carries additional crop-specific seed treatments, including:


  • ApronMaxx RTA
  • ApronMaxx RFC
  • Apron XL LS
  • Clariva PN
  • Evergol Energy
  • Heads Up
  • ILeVo
  • Resonate 600
  • Rizolex
  • Trilex 2000


  • Avipel Liquid
  • Avipel Dry
  • Stamina


  • Raxil Pro Shield
  • Release LC
  • Sativa M RTU
  • Sativa IM RTU
  • Stamina F3 Cereals
  • Stamina F4 Cereals
  • Stamina
  • Tebustar IM ST Cereals