Starting A New Lawn

Looking to start a new lawn? Just follow these simple steps to achieve a perfect backyard paradise.

1. Work and Level Soil 

Prepare a seedbed of approximately 6 inches of topsoil and slope it away from the buildings to allow for drainage. 

2. Allow Soil to Settle 

Periodic soaking and drying will naturally settle the soil and provide a good, firm seedbed. 

3. Prepare Soil Surface for Seeding 

Loosen the top ½ to 1 inch of soil to a coarse texture (soil particle from pea to golf ball size). 

4. Fertilize 

To ensure the soil contains all the nutrients the lawn will need, fertilize with a quality lawn fertilizer. 

5. Apply Seed 4 to 6 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. 

Fertilizer spreaders work well to apply lawn seed. Distribute evenly applying half the seed in one direction and the other half in a perpendicular direction. To check the application rate, seed a small area and measure the amount of seed applied. 

6. Work Seed into Top ¼ Inch of Soil 

This may be accomplished by dragging the back of a leaf rake, old carpet remnant or piece of chain link fence. Do not cover seed too deeply. Some seed should stay on the surface. Roll or pack soil to conserve moisture. 

7. Water Lightly and Frequently 

After seeding, thoroughly water the area. Keep the surface damp by sprinkling the surface 3 to 4 times daily. A light covering of mulch such as CoverGrow will help keep the soil surface moist. 

8. Mow at 2 to 3 Inches 

Set the mower height at about 2 inches. Mowing often will reduce weed competition.